Intruder Alarm System


Why not secure your home with our most comprehensive collection of bespoke burglar alarms tailored to each property? We collaborate with multiple manufacturers in order deliver the widest selection so that you can have greater security against intruders. Whether it's a budget system or if fancy an advanced model featuring camera sensors and remote monitoring features, our electricians have got everything covered!

The alarm system for your home should be a decision that you make after weighing all the pros and cons. A “Bells Only” installation will provide peace-of mind in case there's ever an emergency, but it doesn't offer constant monitoring like some other options do.

A fully monitored service can keep tabs on everything from temperature fluctuations to when visitors enter/exit through their doors - providing extra protection against criminals who might want access into bedrooms at night-time (or even during broad daylight).


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C-E-S design, install and maintain intruder and fire alarm systems. Please call us or complete an enquiry form to find out more.

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